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Explore this season's collections of t-shirts made specifically for the dedicated Kenpo practitioner. Find the perfect fit, color, and style for you at the very best price on Amazon. Unfortunately some designs are not available in Germany. 

Just Kenpo!

American Kenpo - Kenpo T-Shirt with "Mastery of the art comes when the Tiger is seen, but the Dragon prevails" in Chinese.

Kenpo T-Shirt

"Mastery of the Art comes when the Tiger is seen but the Dragon prevails"Ed Parker quote. 

K21 - Sweat Shirt

This design includes K21 on the front to emphasize priority principles used in combat, also "Mastery of the Art" logo and quote on the rear. 

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Books on Kenpo

Level - Beginner
Kenpo – How to Survive Life is the first book in this series on Kenpo.

It is an introduction to the basics that form the Kenpo system, and how they are applied for self-defense purposes. It explains the correct application of basics that includes stances, blocks, kicks, and strikes.

Level - Beginner
Kenpo - Eye of The Storm is the second book in this series of three.

It is an introduction to the club techniques of Kenpo. The book covers the basics a beginner should learn, which includes how to hold the club, as well as the correct stances and target areas to strike.

Level - Intermediate
Kenpo 21 - Priority Principles is the third book in this series on Kenpo.

The twenty-one key principles found within this book will enhance, aid, and improve the physical and mental skills taught within the Kenpo system. 

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